Essay Contest Registration

In order to apply for the Youth Ag-Summit 2017, we ask you to complete the following application which consists of three steps:

Step 1: Register for the contest
Step 2: Complete your personal details
Step 3: Write your essay & submit your application.

You can press the “save button” at any time and come back later to edit or complete the form. If you press “submit” then your application will be sent to the YAS jury. Afterwards, you cannot edit your application anymore.

Please don’t forget to press the “submit button” before 11:59 pm (GMT) on January 13, 2017. Otherwise your application cannot be considered.

Only valid applications which comply with our Application Guidelines can be considered.
You will be notified whether your application was successful or not in Spring 2017. As we receive quite a lot of applications, please refrain from asking about the status of your application. Many thanks!

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